The Word on Bird

Bird is a music school, creative space, recording studio & label, a performance venue, a community of curious learners, and so much more.

At Bird, music and technology come together in a positive and safe environment. Students of all ages and skill levels are encouraged to come, explore, and learn everything from the timeless to modern techniques, instruments, and technology. In addition to teaching the range of technical approaches, we also advocate for an approach to music education with an emphasis on exposure to and education of all genres of music; enabling musicians to build a repertory of musical ideas to produce fresh and interesting music.

We like to think of our work as at the intersection of music, community, and technology. Join us and check it our for yourself!!

Band at Bird School of Music

Whether you’re just getting started, want to build on a lifetime of experience, or somewhere in-between, we have a range of musical offerings to help you achieve your musical goals.


Music is made together, and at Bird, we are not just talking about the people on stage. We know that sometimes it takes a village, and we are happy and proud of the those who have both invited us into theirs and have joined our community.


Every musical instrument is a piece of technology, and at Bird, we teach students not only new instruments but also how to create, record, and produce audio and video in a range of software environments.


We believe in teaching more than just the notes, we strive to teach the love, joy, and appreciation of all kinds of music. We work with students of all ages, and for every student we strive to help build a lifelong relationship with music.

Bird School of Music

You ROCK!! And we want to help you rock harder, from infant to infinity, check out our lessons, classes, and clinics HERE..

Bird Records

You bring the music, we’ll bring everything else. Come record your next single, podcast, LP, or whatever you may want to put on tape. Check it out HERE..