Band at Bird School of Music

The Word on Bird
Bird is a music school, a creative space, a recording studio and record label, a performance venue and more.

Here, music and technology come together in a positive and safe environment. Students of all ages (7 to infinity) and skill levels are encouraged to use what’s current to enhance their creative musical ideas. We emphasize technique and exposure to all genres of music, enabling musicians to build on familiar ideas to produce something unique. We like to think of our work as the intersection of music, community and technology.

You rock! And we want to help you do it, whether you’re an elementary-age kid who wants to learn an instrument, a teen who wants to form a band, an adult who wants to pick up that guitar or drumkit you abandoned after college, or a pro who wants to record an album. We also offer music and movement classes for babies and preschoolers.

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Rehearsal space

Our Community Band and Second Line Saturdays take music to the streets and into nursing homes, schools and other locations. Bird Records artists donate a portion of their profits to charity, and Bird supports programs promoting music in schools and local arts.

Our students and campers record and edit songs and videos, learning about computer-based music recording equipment and software.