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Bands at Bird

We create bands and put on epic shows

During our popular 8-and 9-week sessions, Bird’s experienced instructors mentor bands through every step from choosing a name to finding and arranging songs to performing live at our epic end-of-session concerts.

For experienced bands, we provide group supervision, musical instruction, rehearsal space, song-writing classes, and instruction in stage presence, running rehearsals,  making demos and videos. Learn what it takes from actual performing musicians. Plus, Bird bands have access to the equipment and supervision to record in our state of the art recording studio.

Students (ages 7-17), but we also have mom and dad bands that practice on their lunch hour and in the evenings.

Band Sessions

Sign up for one of our themed sessions, choose a song and rehearse with your band. At the end of the session, your band will perform live on stage.

8 weeks 60/90 minutes; available Mon-Sat
60 minute dress rehearsal/Pizza Party/Sunday Showcase: $550/student
90 minute dress rehearsal/Pizza Party/Sunday Showcase: $700/student

9 week 60/90 minutes; available Mon-Sat
60 minute dress rehearsal/pizza party/Sunday Showcase: $605/student
90 minute dress rehearsal/pizza party/Sunday Showcase: $770/student

This schedule of classes is subject to change and is dependent upon sufficient numbers of students. Time slots are available on first-come/first-served basis. Band prices are per student.  Sessions run 8-9 weeks in length depending on students regular school year calendar.  

For complete information on our payment and cancellation policy, absences and more, see our student handbook.

Bird Band Boot Camp

Band Bootcamp

Band Bootcamp

Wanting to join in on the Bird School of Music Band session, but looking for a squad to play with? Get ready to rock out in our new Band Bootcamp classes lead by instructors Ahmed Ragab & Nikola Printz.

Join us on Tuesdays 4:15-5:15pm or Fridays 4:00-5:00pm. Over this 7-week course, you and your classmates will learn the foundational skills and practices needed to form a killer band. In this class, students will not only be introduced to how to rehearse and practice with their peers, but also build a rapport and the chemistry to form a band and perform on the end of the session concert.

Students will do a deep dive into the featured band of the Bird Band Session looking at the bands that influenced them as well a groups that they influenced.

This class is open to all ages.

Enrollment is ongoing, so join at any time, and drop-ins are always welcome!

Looking to take your band to the next level,  or miss a class?
Students enrolled in the Band Bootcamp receive a 10% discount on private Lessons with instructors Ahmed & Nikola

About Ahmed
Ahmed is a trilingual artist, composer and multi-instrumentalist. Originally from Egypt, he listened to and lived in both Egyptian and Japanese cultures during his childhood. He picked up the drum kit at 17 and has been on a journey exploring the different languages of music ever since. Starting from heavy metal music, he quickly expanded into learning jazz and funk, eventually learning piano and composition along the way. Ahmed has performed in various places around the world, including San Francisco, Philadelphia, Tokyo and Cairo. He has performed in local festivals with several notable artists in the Bay Area including Audiopharmacy, Climbingpoetree, Nina Grae, Sasha Bayan, Teao Sense and YOURS. His style of playing ranges from rock, funk, reggae and jazz all the way to hip-hop as well as electronic and world music.

About Nikola
Nikola is a professional classically-trained opera singer as well as an avid performer of jazz and folk music. She has been a classical musician since the tender age of 8, having started piano lessons and later transitioned to playing organ. At 15 she began playing ukulele and mandolin. She jump-started her singing career after beginning her studies in voice at the San Francisco Conservatory of Music in 2009. Since then she has performed all over the Bay Area with local companies in lead roles such as Opera San Jose, Livermore Opera, West Edge Opera and West Bay Opera. She also starred in and created the role of Velma Louise Cole in Boxcar Theater’s immersive theater show “The Speakeasy.” She has performed all over the country and in Hanzhou, Beijing and Suzhou with I Sing Beijing. In 2016 Nikola was a resident artist with Opera Memphis, where she also received her Artist Diploma degree in Opera Performance. She now resides in San Francisco where she performs and teaches voice, piano, theater and movement.