At the Bird School of Music, we not only prepare students with the knowledge and experience to cultivate a lifelong relationship with music, through music education, we also equip our students with creative ways of approaching challenges and instill the value of persevering through the challenges put in our path.

We achieve these goals through creating a safe, positive learning environment where students of all ages are encouraged to push their musical taste and knowledge with the understanding that they have the support and experience of a highly trained and immensely knowledgable teaching and administrative staff that will never negatively judge or discourage musical curiosity. We at Bird emphasize both the value of teaching the technical and theoretical skill and knowledge as well as the value of exposure to the vastness of music, its history, those who have shaped it, and those who are currently shaping it. Our goal is to help individuals achieve their musical goals while also building a fuller understanding of the context of music, and how it has changed as a result of time, people, and technology. We like to think of our work as being at the intersection of music, community, and technology


You rock!! And we want to help you rock harder (or softer or smoother or jazzier). Whether you or a child of yours is looking to take up a new instrument, pick up that guitar, trapset, or keyboard that has been collecting dust, start a band with friends or coworkers, or record an album, song, or podcast, we want to help you. We even have music and movement classes for the babies and preschoolers looking to be a part of the Bird community.

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Our Community Band & Second Line Saturdays takes the music onto the streets and into the nursing homes, schools, and all throughout the Bay Area. Bird School of Music, Bird Records, and Select Bird Recording Artists donate a portion of their profits to charity and programs promoting music in schools and local arts.


Music and technology have always marched hand-in-hand just as the invention of the hammer system by Bartolomeo Cristofori lead to the modern piano, digital music technology is in the process of changing how music is made, recorded, and listened to. We at Bird have the experience and knowledge to set you up with the all you need to know to feel acquainted and comfortable on any piece of software or hardware. Currently we have instructors specializing in these topics: Acoustics (how sound is created and controlled in an analog or digital environment), Principals of Synthesis, Digital Audio Workstations (Pro-Tools, Logic, Ableton, Max, Reason), Computer assisted composition, Mixing, Recording, MIDI scripting, MIDI Controllers