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Frequently asked questions

Education, Music, and Music Education are highly individualized. We work hard to ensure that our musical offerings balance a school-wide program coherence, while also allowing space for the differences in musical and educational preferences of all of our students. If you ever have a question about whether a specific offering is right for you or a loved one, please reach out, we would love to help.

How do I, or my child join a band at Bird?

We keep a running list of people seeking to start or join a band; if you or a child is interested in being added to that list, email or call, and we will make it happen.

However, the success/enjoyment of the band sessions can be highly effected by the makeup of the group, and we generally recommend that you or your child find at least one other friend with similar musical goals and start with a duo group.

Does Bird offer group lessons?

We have two different kinds of group lessons: Classes and Semi-Private Lessons.

Classes are open to everyone and they will either be a set number of weeks with a performance at the end, or weekly classes that are designed to be a self-contained musical lessons.

Semi-Private Lessons are group classes that are not open to everyone. Want to learn guitar with your friend(s) at the same time, semi-private lessons are for you. Scheduled according to your availability, and open to as large of a group as you would like.

Are performance opportunities available for students enrolled in non-band offerings at Bird?

Bird puts on 4 student showcases a year, these are marathon concerts split into hour long performances on the last Saturday and Sunday of our band session.

In addition to the student showcases, we partner with a number of schools, non-profits, and local organizations as they will open up time during special events with music to have Bird students perform for their functions.

When should my child start taking music lessons?

This is a highly student dependent question as every child is different and learns differently. As a rule of thumb the earliest we recommend starting lessons is around the age of 6.

Just because they might not be totally ready for one-on-one lessons, does not mean that they are not ready for music. We have a number of classes for students aged as young as 7 months up to 6 years old for those who want their children immersed in music early on.

Do you offer discounts on your services?

We sporadically offer discounts; however, we try to set our prices as low as we can across the board. We do this because we want as many people as possible to have access to the Bird Community. We do have a 5% discount for students with siblings or family members that also take classes at Bird.

Do you offer Financial Assistance?

We do offer Financial Assistance to those who need it in addition to working with non-profits to coordinate pricing and scholarships.

Our Financial Assistance form can be found here.