Summer camp at Bird - write and record a song

The San Francisco Department of Public Health released their Guidance for Child Care and Summer Day Camps, and Bird is happy to let everyone know that we will be updating our summer camp plans to comply with the guidance and will be running our summer camp sessions on-site!

Bird will be running three, three-week camps with the following dates:

  • June 15th to July 2nd

  • July 6th to July 24th

  • July 26th to August 14th

Policy Changes for Bird Summer Camp

Student Drop-Off & Pick-Up

  • Outside of Bird there will be markers on the ground for the student check-in que

  • Students will be checked-in by a parent/caretaker and will be asked to confirm that the student or their family members have not had potential exposure and what their temperature was in the morning

  • We have a touchless thermometer if for any reason you cannot check your student, but we would prefer you check their temperature before coming to Bird

  • As much as possible the same parent/caretaker should drop-off and pick-up their student throughout the entire session

Personal Protective Equipment & Sanitation

  • Everyone over the age of 12 is required to wear a cloth mask at all times and students under the age of 12 are not required but highly-encouraged/requested to wear cloth masks while at Bird

  • All equipment and surfaces will be disinfected after use, and each evening Bird will be deep cleaned and ventilated

  • We have created socially distanced work stations for each student including a full set of instruments for each student

  • Students wanting to sing will be able to, as we have a number of solutions at our disposal including face shields, whisper rooms, mics designed for work at a distance

  • We will be going over the importance of being vigilant in regards to social distancing and sanitation with the students and will encourage them to take an active role in our policies including but not limited to:

    • Sanitation of surfaces and instruments

    • Observing appropriate distancing policies

    • How to rehearse while appropriately distanced

Activity Changes

  • We will not have a concert for families on Fridays but will be putting on a live-streamed and recorded concert

  • Our weekly trip to The Candy Store is still happening, as they currently have curbside pick-up. Bird instructors will take students to pick up orders placed the night before or day of

  • Rather than Helen Wills Park, we will be going to Lafayette Park for lunch and playtime ensuring that we have enough space to appropriately distance our group from others

Attendance Policies (SFDPH Guidelines)

  • There is a 12 student maximum for each three week session

  • Students must attend/participate in the first week of the session in order to attend the later weeks

  • Students are not required to attend all three weeks; however if they attend the first week of any camp they are disallowed from joining any other camp until the three week session has completed.

Here is a link to SFDPH’s guidelines that these changes are based on:

We also want you to know that we will be continuously watching for updates from local, state, and CDC officials, and will be updating policies and inform you of those updates when we make them.

If you have any questions, please send them our way.  Bird’s staff is looking forward to seeing everyone soon.


Lane Murchison

PS: Here are examples of the student workstations



Summer camp bands will write and record their own original material through our record label, Bird Records! Improve your music and collaboration skills as we rehearse each day to get ready for an end-of-week performance for family and friends. Learn valuable team work and creative skills as we make our own recording and music video from concept to completion.

All skill levels welcome! We have challenges for beginning to advanced students, entering grades 2–9.

Summer Camp students will:

  • Start a band
  • Write a song
  • Create a professional recording
  • Make a music video
  • Brand and market their band
  • Put on a show

We’ll learn:

  • Rehearsal Skills
  • Reading Music Charts
  • Recording and Overdubbing
  • Audio Mixing
  • Song Structure
  • Vocals
  • Technical Music Skills
  • Story, Script, & Story Boarding
  • Camera Skills & Framing
  • Lighting
  • Production Design
  • Audio Production
  • Acting
  • Editing
  • Team Work

Camps run Monday-Friday, June 08 through August 28. Select a full-day or half-day as your schedule permits!