Group Drums
Get ready to drop the beat on the drum-set with our new Group Drum class with instructor Lane Murchison
Join us on Saturdays at 12:00 where, over this 9 week course, the students will the learn and reinforce the foundational skills and concepts of playing the drum-set. In addition to drum skills, this course also covers the study the drummers who defined and pushed the boundaries of the drum-set as well as learning the beats and patterns that they are known for.
This class is great for the drummer of any skill level, as it draws direct relationships between the simple yet important concepts of Rudiments and Stick Control and how they relate to and inform the performance of the drum set over the development of Rock, Swing, and Funk.
This class is open to all ages.
Enrollment is ongoing, so join at any time, and drop-ins are always welcome!
Looking to take your drumming to the next level, or miss a class?
Students enrolled in the Group Drum class receive a 10% discount on Private lessons with instructor Lane M.