Environment Songs band session at Bird School of Music

Session II, 2015-2016: Environment Songs

“Don’t believe that rock ‘n’ roll can really change the world,” U2 sang in “God Part II.” In a warming world, with a swirl of trash the size of Texas orbiting in the Pacific Ocean, can music make a difference?

Come explore songs about the environment — songs of anger, despair, hope and awareness — from across various decades and genres, from folk standards like Woodie Guthrie’s “This Land is Your Land” and Joni Mitchell’s much-coveredBig Yellow Taxi” to Marvin Gaye’s soulful “Mercy, Mercy Me” to Jack Johnson’s playful “The 3 R’s.

Often associated with mid-20th century folk music and some of its later revivals, environmentally-themed topics have also been broached in genres not typically associated with green philosophies. Rock bands like the Talking Heads, The Pixies and even California punk bands Bad Religion and the Dead Kennedys have raised environmental awareness through their music.
— “Green Songs,” Huffington Post 4/11/12

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Photo: Ray Smith via Flickr / Creative Commons